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Dr Andrew Parnell

Andrew Parnell frontpage'


• Invited speaker Neutron Scattering on Nano-Structured Soft Matter:Synthetic and Bio-materials (October In Munich)

• IOP Polymer Physics Group Biennial meeting (Manchester University).

• Bioinspiration of new technologies meeting (Royal Society London).

• Structured Soft and Biological Matter Symposium (Durham) (poster).


• Invited speaker Mie University Japan (Oct. 2014), funds provided by Mie Univ. to attend.


• Invited talk to Swansea Department of Engineering (Nov. 2013).

• S4SAS User Meeting and Workshop - Sheffield March (talk).

• UK Neutron and Muon Users Meeting (NMUM) Univ. of Warwick April.

• Emerging Themes in Analysis of Grazing Incidence Small Angle Scattering Data Abingdon UK July (poster).

• IOP Polymer Physics Group Biennial Meeting Sheffield UK September (talk).

• GISAXS2013 Hamburg Germany October (poster).

• MRS Boston Fall conference December 2013 (poster and a talk).


• Foundations of Nanoscience Snowbird UTAH (2 posters and blitz session chair).

• ESS symposium Workshop on off-specular neutron scattering Brussels.

• MRS Spring conference 2012. Tuneable mass producible block copolymer photonic devices (talk).


• IOP Polymer Physics Conference Surrey 2011. Tuneable mass producible block copolymer photonic devices (talk).

• Materials Chemistry MC10 conference Manchester 2011. Self-assembling block copolymer photonics (talk).

• Pott Shrigley High Polymer Research Group 2011 (poster).

• ISIS large scale structures group meeting 2011 (talk)


• Gordon Polymer Physics conference 2010, Mount Holyoke college (3 posters).

• Macro 2010 Glasgow. Block copolymer Solar Cells (talk).


• Faraday Discussions: Soft Nanotechnology at the Royal Society 2009. The efficiency of encapsulation within surface rehydrated polymersomes (talk).

• IOP Polymer Physics Conference Bristol 2009 (poster).


• Polyfilm conference Sheffield 2008. Direct visualization of the real time swelling and collapse of a weak polyelectrolyte brush (talk).

• A random walk in polymer science Durham 2008.

• Faraday discussions, The Importance of Polymer Science for Biological Systems York 2008 (poster).


• IOP Polymer Physics Conference Durham 2007 (poster).

• Materials Research Society Fall meeting in Boston USA 2005 (poster).

• IOP Polymer Physics Conference Leeds 2005 (poster).

• IOP Polymer Physics Conference Reading 2003. Responsive Polyelectrolytes at Interfaces Using the Grafted From ATRP Route (talk).